Dock Sales

Available at our Portland, OR location only.

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:30am – 2:00pm


Welcome to Dock Sales! Whether you need a keg for a personal event or are looking to expand your glassware collection, you can find it here! We feature an extensive selection of domestic, craft, and import beers sold by the case and keg. This selection is constantly rotating so be sure to come in often and check out what we have! We also sell a multitude of the latest hats, T-shirts, and hoodies from our various brewery partners. You can find the apparel prices listed below.

We accept debit and credit cards. We do not accept checks unless you are a licensee with an account in good standing.

***Beer items exceeding 9.0% alcohol content CANNOT be sold to non-licensees***


Apparel & Glassware Pricing:
• T-Shirts: $15.00
• Hoodies: $35.00
• Hats: $15.00



How much would it cost to get a case of…..?
Because we have such an extensive selection of beverages, we have included a link to our online pricebook in the top right-hand corner of our website. Keep in mind this is an all-inclusive list of our products that are subject to availability, and prices are subject to change without notice. If you have a question about a specific item, feel free to call us at (503)735-2304 for questions on pricing and availability!


Can I reserve a keg?
If you are a retail account, yes! However we do not keg reservations or take will-call orders from the public — call us old fashioned, but we want to see you in person!


What is the keg deposit?
We have a flat rate deposit of $30.00 per keg. This is refunded with the return of the keg and printed receipt.


Is equipment included with a keg rental?
The rental fee and refundable deposit covers the keg and the goodness that comes inside, and we have additional equipment available for rent as well. We offer taps (hand pumps) for a $10.00 rental fee and $60.00 deposit and keg containers for a $10.00 rental fee and $50.00 deposit. You can also purchase a 20lb bag of ice for $5.00. All deposits are refunded with the return of the rental and your printed receipt.


What are standard keg sizes, weights, and/or capacities?

1/2 Barrel

Pony Keg

1/6 Barrel

Gallons: 15.5
16oz Servings: 124
Dim: 23″H x 17″ W
Weight Full: 161 lbs
Weight Empty: 30 lbs
Gallons: 7.75
16oz Servings: 62
Dim: 13.9″H x 16.1″ W
Weight Full: 87 lbs
Weight Empty: 22 lbs
Gallons: 5.2
16oz Servings: 41
Dim: 23.3″H x 9″ W
Weight Full: 56 lbs
Weight Empty: 14 lbs


Can we reserve kegs/cases for a wedding?
We do not reserve kegs ahead of time for weddings, however we understand wedding planning can be stressful and are happy to help in any way we can. We recommend looking through our price book and coming in with a list, including some back-up choices as availability is subject to change. Some venues/caterers will have access to cold storage you can use in the weeks leading up to your event if you would like to pick the kegs up in advance. If you plan to pick up the kegs a day or two before the event we recommend coming in as early as you can, as Thurs-Sat are our busiest days especially during the summertime. We have keg tubs, taps, and ice all available for rent should you need them.


How much does (insert item here) cost or what do you have available?
Feel free to check out our price book (also conveniently linked in the top right corner of our website) and see what is currently available. You are welcome to call us to see if an item is in stock or not (and item numbers help a ton!). Dock sales pricing is the “regular price” column plus any applicable deposits. Dock sales pays $0.50 more per case and $2.00 more per keg from the regular pricing unless you have an account with us (which requires an OLCC liquor license typically).