Attempting to redesign, update, and refresh a 7 year old website proved to be a daunting project spanning nearly a year and a half and requiring the resources of many employees. Imagine the changes since the launch of the Maletis Beverage website that long ago; fashion, music and pop culture shifted, shopping and food trends have changed, a new and completely different generation of employees has emerged, America got a new President!

Closer to our world, an estimated 409  craft breweries were born in the last year alone, increasing the craft beer volume 15% over 2011.  So many styles of beer are brewed with seemingly endless variations on hops and adjuncts.   There’s a beer and or cider Festival every month of every year and consumers clamor to Tap takeovers and Meet the Brewer events weekly. 

And that is all to say what we, here at Maletis Beverage, are up to. Up to our ears every day actually. We sell beer, drink beer, talk about beer, think about beer, drink beer, market beer, and drink beer.  Oh, there is the non-alcoholic and wine and snacks and cider work we do as well and that is important to our business and the success of our retailers. But the world doesn’t need a blog post on our website to know what we do day in and day out.

So this blog entry is devoted to the other world we live in. The world that may or may not include beverages but certainly includes us making our communities better and more fun.

All that was just an introduction! This is the first post for our new site’s blogspot. Check back often for updates on what we are doing and what we are about. And thank you for the love and support for the past 78 years!