Are you tired of needing to have a check or cash ready for your deliveries? Would you like to be able to have your employees just sign for the delivery? We have the solution for you.

We are pleased to introduce a new streamlined Fintech application process. The new process is intended to make it easier to sign up for Fintech EFT payments. With the new process, you will be able to complete all of the necessary information to set up your location(s) with Maletis Beverage and any of your other distributors with one application. This is a free program for up to 3 locations using the same tax id # and same bank account. If all of your locations have different Fed Tax ID#’s and bank accounts, you will need to select different login ID’s for each location.

Follow the link below for your state to start the EZEnroll Process:

Oregon | Washington

Once completed, Fintech will start the Bank Note Test to verify that they are able to deposit and withdrawal from your bank account. They will also contact Maletis and your other distributors for your customer #’s.

The application process takes approx. 7-10 banking days to complete. Fintech will then notify Maletis and your other distributors that your account is active. At that point, I will send you a confirmation email with the date that you may start paying your invoices using Fintech.

If you are already ordering online from, the Fintech link is also on the order page. In addition, we also offer auto emailing of your delivery invoices direct to your inbox(es). It doesn’t change anything at the time of delivery, it emails a pdf copy of that days delivery to you to help with your bookkeeping and product tracking.

If you have any additional questions regarding Fintech or the sign up process please feel free to contact our Fintech expert Rayelle Gann for assistance.