Just when you thought our non-alcoholic portfolio couldn’t get any better…meet Hiball Energy! Our newest line of organic sparkling energy drinks and waters will fuel your day with their delectable flavors and commitment to organic ingredients and fair-trade practices.

As recently as 2005, the only place to buy Hiball Energy was the back of founder Todd Berardi’s car. Now, the company is growing leaps and bounds as they pursue their mission of creating the healthiest energy drinks possible. Their sparkling energy waters are made all-natural with zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Look out for five enticing flavors: wild berry, grapefruit, vanilla, lemon lime, and peach. Their sparkling energy drinks have an added touch of organic cane sugar and juice to enhance the sweetness. You will find these in black cherry, blood orange, ginger ale, and more. Both drinks are available in 16oz as well as 8.4oz cans for any occasion.

We also carry Alta Palla (“High ball” in Italian of course), their non-energy line of sparkling waters and juices. You can treat your taste buds with four refreshing sparkling water flavors available in 16oz cans. The Alta Palla sparkling juices can be found in 12oz cans featuring black cherry, lemonade, grapefruit, and blood orange natural flavors. This is a great option for both adults and children alike to open and enjoy!

Next time you’re looking for a boost of organic energy or simply a refreshing beverage, make sure you give Hiball Energy a try!