Over here at Maletis Beverage, we sure talk a lot about beer (and we’ve notice that we have a hard time stopping!). However, as we barrel (pun intended) towards this holiday season another segment of our business really revs up and gets grape lovers everywhere excited- we are of course talking about good ol’ wine. 

This Thanksgiving probably sneaked up as fast on you as it did us. So, to ease the stress we are going to assist you in selecting wines that will compliment your feast (plus- by letting us do this hard work you have more time to enjoy the wine, always a good thing). 

Best Thanksgiving White/Sparkling Wines:

  • Kendall Jackson Riesling: This Riesling compliments a variety of flavors, from spicy to sweet. A perfect versatile wine for all the different flavors that comprise a standard Thanksgiving table. The acidity of it is particularly great with sweet potatoes, turkey, and stuffing (and any real Thanksgiving meal must have stuffing!). 
  • Beringer Pinto Grigio: If your dishes will be heavy on garlic and onion, then this Beringer Pinto Grigio is a great partnering  since it’s subtle topical and citrus fruit flavor will balance out the meal. 
  • Domaine Chandon Napa Brut: This glass of fizzy will start of your festivities on the right note! Well balanced and mouth filling, a glass (which is really two…who can stop on one glass of good bubbly?) will get your guests palate ready to dig into a great meal.

Best Thanksgiving Red Wines:

  • Duck Pond Pinot Noir: Pinot Noirs are a traditional favorite for the Thanksgiving table, and Duck Pond offers an excellent choice! Earthy flavors jive well with turkey and its stuffing.
  • Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel: Gnarly Head’s take on a Zin will accommodate most spiced-filled side dishes with its heartiness and bold flavors. 
  • Maryhill Syrah: Syrahs are known for their peppery notes and spiciness. Maryhill’s while containing both of these characters, does not overwhelm the nose and instead compliments both white and dark turkey meat. 

Whatever wine, spirit, and/or beer you choose to celebrate your Thanksgiving feast with, we at Maletis Beverage wish you a safe and happy holiday! 




Maletis Beverage