I believe this statement from the Estrella Jalisco homepage greatly sums up what this brand truly is;

“Mexicanidad” is about bringing Mexican culture, traditions and values to life. It’s about praising our collective achievements. Even though “Mexicanidad” represents Mexico, it is inclusive. It opens the door to everyone who wants to participate, no matter where they come from. Celebrating is what defines us. Estrella Jalisco is the brand of “Mexicanidad” because it re-awakens Mexican traditions and invites everyone to participate.

Estrella Jalisco is one of the largest beer brands in Mexico, first being brewed in 1910 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. There’s an expression that “Jalisco is Mexico” and that is due to the amount of traditions that come from Jalisco, one of the largest states in Mexico. Estrella Jalisco is one tradition that we are proud to carry and share with all of you.

Estrella Jalisco is a 4.5% ABV pilsner with a refreshingly light flavor. Go on out and get yourself one today and partake in this fantastic tradition!