The holiday time is a whirlwind for us here at Maletis Beverage, as we are sure it is for you!

So, we wanted to stop, and take a second to say “Thank You” for an amazing 2013! We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday and wonderful New Year. 

We have some big moves and news coming from our brands and suppliers in early 2014- stuff you should really get excited about! In the vein of  the Maletis Beverage Distribution company statement, we will continue to lead the industry with quality products, teamwork and customer satisfaction into 2014. It’s already shaping up to be a great year for us, we hope the same for you!

Of course, enjoy the season with good brews and great wines, but please remember to be safe and take a taxi if you do indulge. 


Maletis Beverage Distribution