Montejo has been a popular beer in Mexico for decades, and will now be available to you, here in the USA! Montejo is a true Mexican beer, you can taste the authenticity with each sip. To gain a better understanding of Montejo, let’s take a step back in history.

Montejo was named for the founding father of the city of Merida, Yucatan: Don Francisco de Montejo. It was originally brewed with European malt and hops, born as a dark Vienna Lager before coming to be a Czech Pilsner. Montejo represents the experience and attributes of the country where it was born; adherence to tradition and culture, pride derived from accomplishments and hard work, and aspirations to achieve greatness. 

 This genuine beer has never been brewed outside of Mexico and the consistent, finely tuned flavor reflects that proud heritage. Montejo is a smooth, balanced, and extremely flavorful beer made with only the finest ingredients. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Montejo in a retailer near you… now!  Just in time for the warm weather!!

¡Viva Montejo!