We at Maletis Beverage Distribution are a combination of honored, humbled, and thrilled to be joining forces with Portland’s hottest new brewery, Ecliptic Brewing.

Even more so, we are delighted to be able to bring these excellent brews to a retail store and/or restaurant in your greater Portland and Southwestern Washington neighborhood!  John Harris, Portland beer-scene legend and the creator of Ecliptic Brewing, knows a thing or two about brewing good beer. These creative brews are “out of this world” and not to be missed out on. 

If you do not see Ecliptic Brewing at your local haunt, make sure to ask a staff member if it is possible to bring it in!

Congratulations to John Harris and Co. for creating such awesome brews and brewery, and congrats to us in the Portland and Southwestern Washington area for being able to enjoy them!