In light of Germany’s World Cup success here’s a look at another great German contribution, beer!

First, some brief history. When you think of German beer your mind may go straight to light, crisp lagers and hoppy pilsners, right? Contrary to popular belief ales led the way for German beers. Germans have been brewing ales for about 3,000 years whilst the light, crisp lagers have been brewing for a mere 150 years and the hoppy pilsners for 30 years! Ales reigned supreme until the 16th Century as they were the only beer Germans brewed. Germans know how to brew and definitely how to consume;  in 2010 they ranked second for most beer consumption per capita.

Taking it back to Germany’s beer roots here are some fantastic brews that Maletis carries to enjoy in celebration of Germany’s World Cup victory!

  • Ayinger makes several World-Class beers such as, Celebrator Dopplebock and Oktober Fest-Märzen. 



  • Schöfferhofer, known as the “champagne among wheat beers.” Schöfferhofer Weizen is lighter, silky and extremely palatable.