At Maletis Beverage we whole-heartedly believe we employ some of the finest people in the industry, and one of our most recent additions to the Maletis team is no exception. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Lauron to the role of Vice President of Retail Sales for Maletis Beverage. 

With just a glance at Bob’s resume you can tell he comes to Maletis as no stranger to the beverage business. For the past 9 years Bob helped Full Sail Brewing to grow to the level it is today as a Vice President. Before Full Sail, Bob honed his NA Beverage skills as Director of International Sales for Tazo Tea/Starbucks Coffee and VP Sales of Tazo Tea for a total of 8 years. Bob also spent 6 years at Columbia Distributing, and another 13 years at Gallo Wine delving into the wine world.

Bob’s first-hand experience in the beer, NA beverage, and wine industries will undoubtedly be crucial in aiding Maletis Beverage to continue to lead the industry.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Bob Lauron. All of us at Maletis look forward to the places you’ll help take us.