Stressing about gift giving? Don’t know what to get the person that seems to have everything? Want a more creative gift and don’t want to give out another pair of socks?

Do not stress! The answer is simple, it’s beer! No one ever said they have too much beer, right? (and if you know someone that has, you don’t want to be friends with that person anyways)

Maletis Beverage offers a variety of gift packs this holiday season that would be perfect for that beer lover in your life:


Stella Artois Gift Pack 

Duvel Gift Pack 


Lindemans Gift Pack

Or if you like to mix and match why not pickup different 22 oz bottles and create your own beer gift basket (a sign of true love)?

Either way, beer makes a great gift and can be enjoyed by both the giver and recipient!


Happy Holidays from us at Maletis Beverage to all you beer lovers out there!